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I'm due for an odd day today. Half a day's work, then this afternoon I'm having a CT (or CAT) scan of my sinuses, to try and establish if there's a physical cause of the sinusitis which has now been getting me down for a full seven months. It looks a bit scary.

Tonight, instead of seeing Mika, who's playing here in Brum, I'm off with Mike to see one of his recent interviewees, Jason Donovan, in concert in Nottingham. (Who organises these conflicts of interest?) By the miracle of television recording technology, just after Jason leaves the stage in Nottingham, he'll be on the sofa in London with Graham Norton on BBC2. I suspect they won't be talking about how the Nottingham gig went, unless the lovely Jason is the next Doctor Who. Now there's a thought...

On Friday night, I'll be at the launch party of the Fierce festival, which is always massively entertaining and mildly controversial, but sometimes clashes with my Eurovision trip. No such problems this year.

Somewhere along the way, we will restart the UK50 project.

Then there's the Pet Shop Boys in Wolverhampton next Friday, followed by three days of Birmingham Pride, including the unmissable 'We Are 10' party from Duckie and the aforementioned Fierce festival. The Divine David, Amy Lamé, Readers Wifes, Jay Cloth and Mrs. Barbara Nice, all at once? Yes please!

Busy, busy, busy. Eurovision? That's so last week.

PS. Something quite disturbing happened during The Apprentice tonight. I began to warm to Tre. It's from the starting point of a complete permafrost, but it's progress. And there was an interesting little revelation about Lohit, wasn't there? Call me dim, but the penny hadn't dropped here, even though I think he's rather sexy, in a quiet kind of way.

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