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UK50: Vote on Group Lys!

Lucky Luca was first into the comments box yesterday, where he chose his initial, 'L'. Grazie Luca! Oddly, this left the letters C,H,I,G. I wonder why?

We reach the halfway point today, with 25 of the UK's 50 songs now available below for your votes. (Actually it's 24 as you evicted Black Lace.) Tomorrow, we'll have an advertising break, for those of you watching on commercial TV, and the rest of us will have a very entertaining, very appropriate interval act.

So, L is for Luca, L is for Lys and L is for love. To that end, let's introduce the first ever winner of Eurovision, to reveal her group of songs. All the way from Switzerland and all the way from 1956, please welcome Lys Assia!

"Guten Tag! Yes, I am still alive. I'm 81, you know."

Glad to see it Lys. Would you like to introduce your three themed songs for today's public vote?

"Certainly. L is for Liebe und love. The United Kingdom has entered five songs in fifty years which start with the word 'love'. You've had two of them already in your voting; Love Games and Love Shine A Light, so today we have the other three.

First kommt Prima Donna, featuring the first appearance of Sally-Anne Triplett and Kate Robbins. You'll be seeing one of them again later, with a much better song. The other one went on to be a voice in your Spitting Image programme. Dann kommt Love City Groove with the only eponymous song that the UK has ever entered. I cannot zink of anything nice to say about it, so finally we have Vikki, with a lot of hairspray. Zis song conforms to Eurovision regulations, mit ze use of higher and desire. She has also a very nice chair, I think?"

Indeed she does Lys. Vikki has dragged a chair onto the stage for no apparent reason. Given the year, it was probably a homage to Larry Grayson. Thank you Lys for your sponsorship of these three lovely love songs. Sorry, I mean three pretty crap songs which happen to start with the same word. Auf Wiedersehen.

By the way, it took me by surprise earlier when I did a Google image search for Lys Assia and saw a picture of myself right there on the third line, along with my photo of Lordi!

The songs in Group Lys are:

UK 1980 - Love Enough For Two - Prima Donna (3rd of 19 songs)
UK 1995 - Love City Groove - Love City Groove (10th= of 23 songs)
UK 1985 - Love Is... - Vikki (4th of 19 songs)

Given a free vote, I'm sure we'd like to dump all three of these songs, but the cruel hand of linguistic fate has decreed that one of them must get through to our final sixteen. (Who was it who said Chig had seeded these songs? I bet you feel pretty stupid now. Where's the good one?) So which do you dislike the least? Prima Donna's prime dollop of cheese as they offer themselves for threesomes? Love City Groove's shoddy (c)rap? Or Vikki's danger with a stranger (or from a naked flame if it gets anywhere near that hair)?

Please feel free to download Chig's fabulously edited Group Lys medley here. Or watch the YouTube videos below, then cast your votes in the comments box like this:

12 points - your favourite song
6 points - your second favourite song
0 (nul points) - your least favourite song

Come on feel the love! Love, love, love!

UK 1980 - Love Enough For Two - Prima Donna:

UK 1995 - Love City Groove - Love City Groove:

UK 1985 - Love Is... - Vikki:

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