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UK50: Vote on Group Kojo!

It's day two of our quest to find your favourites from the UK’s 50 Eurovision entries. Yesterday evening, Simon P of York was the first person to dive into the comments box, where he randomly selected the letter K, for reasons known only to himself. This means we’re voting on medley K.

Here to introduce our three acts for today, please welcome Finland’s disastrous entrant from 1982. Let's not mention 'Nuku Pommiin' or 'nul points' as we say 'Tervetuloa, Kojo!'

“Hei! Hauska tavata. Minun nimeni on Kojo…and I guess I’d better speak English now. It’s nice to be back in England after 25 years. Chig Mansions is much nicer than your second city, Harrogate, I can tell you. Do you like my red leather outfit? I’ve had it let out. Now then, I’m here to introduce the three acts who make up Group Kojo. They’re the only three artists that you guys have had whose names begin with the letter K, so that’s cool and they’re all doing pretty epic tunes, man! The first guy, Ken, is wearing a skirt, so he didn’t do so well, but he scored a few more points than me. In fact, everyone who scored any points scored more than me. Katrina scored 227 points more than me and won the whole thing, and Kathy Kirby came close. Time for me to go, but if you’re coming to Helsinki for Eurovision, why not visit my country club for a few rounds of golf? I love you guys. I love you, Jan Leeming. I love you York-shy-er.”

Kiitos, Kojo. Näkemiin! There they are then. Time to vote for the Special Ks. One of these three will go through to the next round:

1966 – A Man Without Love – Kenneth McKellar (8th out of 18)
Ninth place for our ninth entry was the UK’s worst placing ever, and remained so until 1978. Europe clearly wasn’t ready for a man in a kilt. Curiously, this is the only time the UK has finished ninth, in 49 years.

1997 – Love Shine A Light – Katrina & The Waves (1st out of 25)
The most recent of the UK’s five winners, celebrating its tenth anniversary next month. This scored the UK’s biggest points total by far, with 227.

1965 – I Belong – Kathy Kirby (2nd out of 18)
Second only to the superb ‘Poupée de cire, poupée de son’ by France Gall for Luxembourg. This is a forgotten classic, which, despite finishing second in Eurovision, only made a miserable #36 in the UK chart.

Download Chig’s specially edited medley of all three songs here. (The switch from Kenneth to Katrina is damn near perfect, although I say so myself.)

You can also watch all three performances on the YouTube links below. Then please cast your votes in the comments box below, like this:

12 points – your favourite
6 points – your second favourite
0 (Nul points) – your least favourite


UK 1966 – A Man Without Love – Kenneth McKellar:

UK 1997 – Love Shine A Light – Katrina & The Waves:

UK 1965 – I Belong – Kathy Kirby

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