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UK50: Vote on Group Edsilia!

Our reader in York chose medley E for today's songs and is now banned from future choices. (Sorry Simon, but thank you for both of yours. Chig's PA, Jeremy, has been sacked for forgetting to publish the rules in advance.) So, let's introduce the Dutch entrant from 1998 and again this year, Edsilia Rombley!

Hoi Edsilia! Het spijt me, ik spreek geen we'll continue in English. Welcome back!

"Dank u, thank you. It's great to be back in Eurovision!"

I meant welcome back to Birmingham, actually. You had a good time here in 1998, didn't you? Remember that Icelandic party at the Sea Life Centre? Oh, how you and I laughed that people were eating dead fish as the living fish looked on! Remember how you asked me that night to organise some UK club dates for you if you won?"

"Ja, and I remember dat u said yes, you would."

So I did. Moving swiftly on. Tell us today's songs.

"Okay, de first shong is one of your UK shilly shongs, 'Ring-A-Ding Girl'. I mean, can you imagine de Nederlands ever shinging a shilly shong about a ding dong bell? Ha, ha!"

Er, 1975?

"Oh yeah, for sure. Er, de shecond shong is 'I Love De Liddle Tings' by Matt Monro."

And do you?

"No, I prefer de big tings. Ha, ha!"

Don't we all?!

"De last song is your winner from 1967, Puppet On A String, from de fabulous Sandie Shaw wid de no shoes."

Dank u, Edsilia. I believe you've come up with an amusing name for this medley, in a feeble attempt to link these random songs together?

"Er, no, you told..."

I think you've called it the Ring-A-Ding String Thing, haven't you?

"No, dat was..."

Thank you Edsilia. Dag! We'll see you in Helsinki. Good luck.

There we are then. The songs in Group Edsilia are:

UK 1962 - Ring-A-Ding Girl - Ronnie Carroll (4th= of 16 songs)
UK 1964 - I Love The Little Things - Matt Monro (2nd of 16 songs)
UK 1967 - Puppet On A String - Sandie Shaw (1st of 17 songs)

Does Ronnie ring your bell? Is Sandie pulling your strings? Or do you prefer Matt's miniatures?

Download Chig's splendid medley of these three songs in Group Edsilia here. Or watch the YouTube videos below. Or do both. Go crazy!

Please vote in the comments box below the videos, like this:

12 points - your favourite song
6 points - your second favourite song
0 (nul points) - your least favourite song

UK 1962 - Ring-A-Ding Girl - Ronnie Carroll:

UK 1964 - I Love The Little Things - Matt Monro:

Oh dear. No video recording exists of Eurovision 1964. It was lost from the archives of the host, Danish TV, either by a fire, or by cost-cutting measures which saw some of their archives being thrown away. It depends whose story you believe. No other country recorded the broadcast, except for the winner's reprise. You'll have to download Chig's medley instead.

UK 1967 - Puppet On A String - Sandie Shaw:

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