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UK50: Unlucky Friday the 13th

Oh dear. It's going to be a very unlucky Friday the 13th for one of our remaining acts from UK Eurovision history. Thirteen unlucky acts stand before you. One of them is going home, without even getting the chance to sing.

In a one-off Friday the 13th special, this vote is open for 24 hours only, until midnight tonight (BST). Vote for the one act you want to see go. The one with the most votes will be eliminated and ruthlessly edited out of their medley. (In the event of a draw, Chig will decide, and I despise two of these entries, so you wouldn't want to make me choose, would you?)

So, who's your least favourite out of this horrible lot? Is Lindsay's dream impossible? Should Sweet Dreams give up? Have the bad old days returned for Co-Co? Should Scott Fitzgerald just go? You decide!

The Unlucky 13:

UK 1963 - Say Wonderful Things - Ronnie Carroll (4th)
UK 1964 - I Love The Little Things - Matt Monro (2nd)

UK 1977 - Rock Bottom - Lynsey de Paul & Mike Moran (2nd)
UK 1978 - The Bad Old Days - Co-Co (11th)
UK 1979 - Mary Ann - Black Lace (7th)

UK 1980 - Love Enough For Two - Prima Donna (3rd)
UK 1983 - I’m Never Giving Up - Sweet Dreams (6th)
UK 1985 - Love Is - Vicki (4th)
UK 1988 - Go - Scott Fitzgerald (2nd)

UK 1990 - Give A Little Love Back To The World - Emma (6th)
UK 1991 - A Message To Your Heart - Samantha Janus (10th)
UK 1999 - Say It Again - Precious (12th)

UK 2001 - No Dream Impossible - Lindsay (15th)

Please vote for your least favourite now in the comments box.

Voting is now closed.

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