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UK50: Two days to go...and a vote already!

On Thursday, we will start our quest to sort the wonderful wheat from the tuneless chaff of the UK's 50 Eurovision entries. In our project, imaginitively called 'UK50', you will be able to download and listen to short medleys of the songs, edited by moi into groups of two, three or four, and then cast your points, Eurovision style (ie. douze points and nul points are involved). We will start with groups of songs and then progress to knockout rounds, in order to prove, scientifically, what the world's favourite ever UK Eurovision song is. Please join us, and spread the word so that we get as many people involved as possible. Thank you.

In the meantime, the song which is the UK's 50th Eurovision entry, Flying The Flag (For You) by Scooch, is getting proper radio play, as of yesterday, it seems, by being playlisted on BBC Radio2. I heard Steve Wright play it today. This should help Scooch return to the chart after their very modern false start nine days ago. They entered the chart at #61 on downloads only, on the back of Making Your Mind Up, the front page headlines about their entirely uncontroversial backing singers and the Graham Norton Show appearance, but two days ago they disappeared from the Top 75. It won't matter, because even the download only had a limited availability. (I believe it was only available from iTunes, unless you know differently.) Charting seven weeks before Eurovision, as it did, must be a record for the UK's entry, and Scooch will certainly be back.

As will we, tomorrow, with some slightly more controversial news about this year's entrants that even finger-on-the-pulse Victoria 'make it up' Newton's team hasn't covered yet.

But first, let's get interactive! Which bunch of songs shall we vote on first? You decide! Choose one of these medleys and leave your vote in the comments. The winning medley will be Thursday's vote.

Medley A: Let's start at the very beginning (Patricia Bredin v Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson v Bryan Johnson)

Medley B: Reunited (Cliff Richard v The Shadows v Cliff Richard - again!)

Medley C: The Js of the Noughties (James Fox v Jessica Garlick v Javine v Jemini)

Vote now! Voting closes at midnight (BST) tomorrow.

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