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UK50: Vote on Group Michael!

My fellow Birmingham residents the Melodimen were first into the comments box early today, choosing their own initial, 'M'. (They then had a moment of madness and picked another letter, 'O', which wasn't an option, because we had it last week. I'll have a word when I see them.)

So, to host group M, it can only be... well, it could have been loads of people, to be honest, but because my Mum likes him, please welcome to the stage Monsieur Michel Le Ballon - Mister Michael Ball!

Goodness me, that was an energetic entrance Michael! It reminded me of your Eurov...

"Dahling, did I ever tell about the time I was on Broadway and Bette Midler said to me..."

Ahem. An interesting tale, I'm sure Michael, but there's a job to be done here. Would you please introduce the three songs in Group Michael?

"Group Michael...oh luvvie, that reminds me of the time that Michael Crawford and I were backstage at the Edward, when Sir Tim came up to us and..."

Michael, we have no time for your showbiz anecdotes, amusing as they are. The voters are waiting. Would you please introduce today's three songs which represented the UK at Eurovision, like your good self?

"I'd rather stick pins in my eyes."

Well, honestly readers, what can you do? Mr Ball seems to have bounded off as quickly as he bounded on, so I'll have to tell you myself that the songs in Group Michael are two from the nineties by women with no surnames and a duet from the seventies. As an added bonus, and because it's not available on YouTube, and for the sake of completeness, I have stuck Black Lace's 'Mary Ann' onto the beginning of the medley. Please remember that you can't vote for it (like you would want to anyway) because you evicted it from this competition in our Friday the 13th vote last week. Any suggestion that this little foursome was actually put together ages ago and Chig couldn't be bothered to edit out Black Lace, because the fade into Sonia would have meant starting all over again, will be laughed out of court.

The songs are:

UK 1993 - Better The Devil You Know - Sonia (2nd of 25 songs)
UK 1990 - Give A Little Love Back To The World - Emma (6th of 22 songs)
UK 1977 - Rock Bottom - Lynsey de Paul & Mike Moran (2nd of 18 songs)

Please vote in the comments box below the videos, like this:
12 points - your favourite song
6 points - your second favourite song
0 (nul points) - your least favourite song

Download my little Group Michael medley here and don't forget to ignore Black Lace in your voting! (You'll probably want to ignore them completely anyway.) I can honestly say that, for the first time, I have no idea how your votes might go on the other three.

UK 1993 - Better The Devil You Know - Sonia:

UK 1990 - Give A Little Love Back To The World - Emma:

UK 1977 - Rock Bottom - Lynsey de Paul & Mike Moran:

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