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UK50: Vote on Group Gina!

We're back, diving urgently into the second half of our UK50 first round, and it's time for Gina G to introduce group G, chosen at random by Mike (if you can remember that far back).

Gina, thank you for filling in for me, although I'm not sure everyone understood your Aussie terminology. Perhaps you could just say 'ill' next time? Anyway, time is against us. Please introduce the songs in Group G.

G'day, and about bloody time too, mate! Okay, G is for Gina, G is for G. Hmm. G is for girls, so Group G is girls, girls, girls! First up, Lindsay Dracass. Funny how everyone in the UK spent the whole three minutes of her performance in Copenhagen just waiting to see if she could hit that final note.

Ah yes, the final note. People really WILL have to download Chig's special Group G medley this time...

Have you been messing around on the mixing desk, Chig?

Yes, I have, and very amusing it is too. Download it now. The second song?

Song two is Samantha Jay-nus...

It's pronounced 'Jannus'.

Oh, right mate, I thought it was Jay-nus because she made such an arse of herself when she sang it.

You may have a point there. And your third song?

It is, er, without a doubt the best UK entry of the modern... I can't read your handwriting Chig. What does this say?


Of the modern era, sung by the most fabulous singer on the club circuit. Did I read that okay Chig?

Er, yes. Couldn't agree more. [Chig grabs script from Gina and throws it away.]
Thank you Gina. You belong to us, we belong to you, naturally. Now scuttle back to Oz to work on that comeback. Ti amo. Mwah, mwah!

So, there you have it. It's Lindsay versus Samantha versus Nicki. Two of these are forgettable pop pap. One of them is brilliant UK schlager. Can you vote correctly?

UK 2001 - No Dream Impossible - Lindsay (15th of 23 songs)
UK 1991 - A Message To Your Heart - Samantha Janus (10th of 22 songs)
UK 2000 - Don't Play That Song Again - Nicki French (16th of 24 songs)

12 points to your favourite song.
6 points to your second favourite.
0 (nul points) to your least favourite.

UK 2001 - No Dream Impossible - Lindsay:

UK 1991 - A Message To Your Heart - Samantha Janus:

UK 2000 - Don't Play That Song Again - Nicki French:

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