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Picture puzzle - the answer

Well done to those of you who worked it out. Yesterday's picture (below) is a Wii Mii of Chig, as is this one here. (Isn't that also Wogan on the left, in the green? It's uncanny, especially as this was taken the day after Making Your Mind Up.) For the benefit of those who haven't yet experienced the joy of the Nintendo Wii, I'll explain. (It's worth pointing out that I speak as someone who had no interest whatsoever in computer games until I picked up a Wii in the first hour of New Year's Day. I had a Teleng Telestars TV game in the early 1980s, which played football, tennis, squash and 'solo', with paddles that moved up and down (only) on the screen as the 'ball' bleeped from side to side. Since then, the whole concept of computer games had left me cold, but the Wii has changed all that.)

One of the features of the Wii is that you can design little avatar versions of yourself, family and friends, so that whenever that person plays, they can choose their Wii Mii avatar on screen and play as themself. My cousin has a five year old son, who programmed characters into his family's Wii last month. Word had reached me that I had been 'done' and on Mothers' Day last Sunday, I was able to see it. It made me laugh, because my little avatar-designing relative has seen me the last two Christmases, outside, with a woolly hat on and, it seems, unshaven. The hat and facial hair have clearly stuck in his mind, bless him. I'll leave it to you to decide how much of a likeness it is. I just thought it was funny. After we played the bowling game that's in these pictures (my second time), I was introduced to the delights of Rabid Rabbids (sic). I think that playing it with a five year old is probably the best way to appreciate it/them; it's bonkers! And yet strangely addictive.

By the way, I still have that Teleng Telestars game. I'm looking at the box right now. I really should try plugging it into the TV, for nostalgia's sake.

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