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It's Red Nose Day!

Four things you can do today:

(1) Instead of buying the official Comic Relief single, by Sugababes vs. Girls Aloud (because it's a bit rubbish), buy this book, that Mike has compiled from start to finish in just one week, in aid of Comic Relief. It's available from today. Read all about it on Troubled Diva. Order the book here.

(In case you're wondering, I did spend some time trawling the World Of Chig archives and my own memory, while recovering from my operation last week, but I came to the conclusion that there was nothing funny which hadn't dated horribly or wasn't libellous, so I didn't submit anything.)

Mike has bust a gut doing this in a week, and even used up some of his holiday from work, so please buy it. The book is bound to be fantastic, judging from the list of people included, so please buy it. (Some of them are even famous, although that's not exactly the point. The writing has been picked for quality and comedy reasons.)

(2) Watch my friends Paul & John on Dale's Supermarket Sweep. (ITV1, 17:30.) It's nothing to do with Red Nose Day, but I've a feeling it could be quite funny!

(3) Vote for Tara P-T to win Fame Academy so that I win some money from PaddyPower Comic Relief makes even more money.

(4) Plan your Making Your Mind Up party for tomorrow night and pray that Cyndi wins, or at least Scooch, so that PaddyPower pays me even more money our country's pride can be upheld in Helsinki in May. There are rumours of a Buck's Fizz reunion (as if a Scooch reunion wasn't enough already!) (NB. This story came from Victoria 'Pack Of Lies' Newton, but you never know, she her writers may have reported something accurately for a change.)

Strangely, even though the audience is much bigger this year, we didn't succeed in the ticket lottery for MYMU, and nor did anyone else we know. Not even the Schlagerboys, and they were MENTIONED in Norway's final by one of the singers, so they're Eurovision A-list. Perhaps the whole ticket allocation went to Wogan's TOGS. Who knows? Still, Maidstone is one hell of a drive from Birmingham (165 miles, including half of the M25 car park), so perhaps it's for the best. It will be nice to watch it live on the telly for the first time.

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