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200, 60 and 50 years ago today

It somehow seemed right to be in Bristol today, where I've been this weekend. It's the 200th anniversary today of parliamentary act to end the transportation of slaves on ships from the UK, and Bristol played a huge part in those shipments. According to the UK government's official website on the 200th anniversary:

British ships made about 11,000 slaving voyages. Liverpool, London and Bristol accounted for 95 per cent of these voyages.

I can't say that we did anything in Bristol to acknowledge the significance of this anniversary today, but a Bristolian friend who was out last night was going to a service at Bristol Cathedral today which was being held to mark the occasion.

I've been up to far less important things in Birmingham and Bristol this weekend, combining work and play on both Friday and Saturday, taking 1,292 photos in the process. But no more on that for now, because I'm knackered.

Today is also Dame Elton John's 60th birthday. Happy birthday, ma'am.

It's also the EU's 50th birthday today (or the EEC, as it was in 1957). Let's all be grateful that the EU's attempt to hijack this year's Eurovision Song Contest and turn it into a 'celebration' of this 50th birthday was given the short shrift that it deserved.

Diamond Geezer has written far more interesting and detailed things about all three of these anniversaries, which is just as well because the weekend has worn me out and I need an early night.

Look out for some interesting photos of celebs, hunks, twinks, rugger buggers and bare bottoms on here in the next few days! Yes, it's been one of those weekends.

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