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Yesterday's TV in brief
So glad I managed to catch Pyramid on its repeat showing. Fantastic. Educational, evocative, and the perfect forerunner to the Egyptian bits in...
50 Places To See Before You Die. Craig Doyle forgot to include his own bedroom in the list, but I know it's on mine. I knew before I watched this programme that it would make me feel like a real stay-at-home, and indeed it did, as I have only visited six of the top 50. Glaring omissions for me included Ibiza (so much more to it than you ever see on TV) and the most fantastic place I have ever been in theworld , ever; Ephesus in Turkey. Maybe I was a very impressionable 14 year-old when I went there, but the memory of ithas never gone away. It was absolutely magical in 1980, maybe it's not now, but I'm kind of glad that it's NOT in the list,as it feels like my secret.
The Project. Pretty good stuff, I thought, except for the horribly stereotyped marketing twat with his focus groups. Nothing really for the Labour Party to moan about so far, but I understand tonight's conclusion is where it gets a bit controversial. Can't wait...

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