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Things may have been a little quiet lately, but tomorrow - mucho excitement! Because tomorrow at noon is the time the Latvians play with their balls and produce the running order for this....

It will be Ukraine's first appearance in the Eurovision draw too. Latvian TV will also be announcing the two presenters for the contest next year. It's widely expected (and hoped, by me) that one of them will be the wonderful Reynard Kaupers, lead singer of Brainstorm, who represented Latvia in 2000's ESC. He's witty, funny and speaks fantastic English (with a strong American twang). The second presenter may well turn out to be this year's winner, Marija Naumova. She sparkled in her press conferences, before and after winning, so she'll be brilliant too. She's a mult-linguist, trained actress, and can sing in Russian, Latvian, English, French and Italian. This duo could be a winning combination. Fingers crossed.

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