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Ten Out Of Ten!

And that completes the set for one of our voters! World Of Chig can now reveal that David has his entire top ten in our top 50. Whether this is something to be proud of, I’m not sure. It could mean that David is in tune with the public, or the public is in tune with him, or perhaps he just has no imagination and likes to follow the crowd(!) I think not. Anyway, a special prize of a teensy weensy little book will be winging its way to you very shortly David, along with another copy for Marcus, for doing the Swedish translation of ‘Dancing Queen’ for me (#14). Then they can keep one at each house and consult them at regular intervals. No one else has all ten of their choices in our top 50, although the closest was actually me, with nine. (Only ‘Geno’ failed to make it from my own top ten.)

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