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#11 Don’t You Want Me?The Human League

[491] Writers: Jo Callis, Phil Oakey & Philip Adrian Wright. Producers: Martin Rushent & Human League.
05 Dec 81 – 13 weeks – #1 for 5 weeks from 12 Dec 81

In another amazing televisual coincidence, today’s song is the one being performed on tonight’s V Graham Norton. After Graham interviewed ‘Ver League (©Smash Hits 1981), they performed this live tonight, for the first time on TV in 21 years, according to our host. Personally speaking, I’m very surprised that we’ve reached this electro classic already, not further up our top ten, but perhaps that’s because it’s my own #4. We’re ploughing an early 80s furrow now, as our next four singles all topped the chart within one particularly fertile eighteen month period.


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