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It's A Miracle

Something weird has happened. My body has come out in sympathy with Diwali, which has been ongoing this week. We're not short of religious miracles here in the Midlands. We've had the 'Allah aubergine' a few years ago in Brum; the vegetable which apparently said 'Allah' in Arabic with its seeds when cut open. (Damn good job it was bought by an Arabic speaker, if you ask me; how many infidels have just cut up Alllah's previous miracles and eaten them?) Then just a couple of weeks ago, we were treated to Midlands Today 'investigating' (= accepting at face value) a miracle in a Wolverhampton temple. Overnight, the statue of a goddess had got up from her shrine and, er, walked around. And what did she do? Heal the sick? Bring about world peace? No, she trod in some red paint and left footprints on the floor. People came from miles around...
And now, my body has decided to celebrate Diwali by growing a big, red spot, right in the middle of my forehead. I could pass unnoticed in any Hindu temple this week, but I won't be doing that. I'll be staying in for the weekend, with the curtains closed.

[Later....Heavens above! It seems the aubergine wasn't just in Birmingham! Who would have thought? More Islamic miracles here.)

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