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Have you seen the new British film 'Heartlands'? If so, what did you think of it? Despite sharing its name with Birmingham's hugest hospital, it's not a medical drama, but seemingly another Britflick/gritflick. It's not on official release for a while yet, but it's been doing the film festival circuit since August, including Edinburgh. Thanks to my friend Disneyboy, I've been invited to the Birmingham premiere on 23 November. The reviews make it sound pretty good, despite only two stars from the Grauniad. This website gave it four stars at the Edinburgh Festival, with some background and photos too.
We're going to the Film Festival Closing Party too, after the film. In a possible master stroke of party organisation, it's in the Rotunda! Now, I've lived in Brum for eighteen years, and there's no stronger visual representation of the city centre than this splendidly tacky 1970s vision of the future, but I've never, ever, been in it! It was lying empty for years, because they were going to knock it down, but then they decided to incorporate it into the current major redevelopment of the city centre instead, so they're renting the space again. I can't wait to see the view (of the cranes outside). Should be fab!

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