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Happy Birthday To You

50th anniversary stories here, here from Liquid News and an old one here. There's a history of the singles chart on Radio 1 here, and Chris Moyles is going on about it too. The anniversary even made it onto Five Live's news at 1am today, where they mentioned Al Martino being the first #1, but tempered it by mentioning the story from a few days ago, about singles sales now being at a 25 year low. Tony Blair is being grilled by Radio 1 listeners right now about important things, but he has also just been asked what his favourite number one is. He didn't really answer (surprise!), but said the first record he ever bought was 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' by The Beatles. Pressed for something a bit more recent, he said he can't avoid hearing the albums that his kids listen to while he's 'doing his boxes' and the music is 'bouncing off the walls'. His kids are apparently listening to Coldplay, Foo Fighters and U2. So now you know.

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