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Gruesome twosomes

After being strangely drawn to yesterday's News Of The World (yes, I bought it) by the front page headline, I spent far too much of Sunday pondering this question:
Which is more revolting - John Major and Edwina Currie or Michael Barrymore and Paul Burrell? Yeuch! (Of course, when you read the article, Barrymore doesn't say they actually DID...)

And while we're on the subject, she knew she'd have to face this sooner or later. On Edwina's phone-in on Radio Five Live last night, they were having a serious, nay poignant, discussion about the role of Remembrance Sunday, whether we need to wear poppies any more, etc. A man rang in to say that he'd spotted something interesting about yesterday's service at the Cenotaph. He said something like this, "Did you notice the wreaths from the military? One of them was laid by a Corporal. One of them was laid by a Private. And the other one, like yourself Edwina, was laid by a Major." [Phone line goes dead.]

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