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The best laid plans…Chig’s three-day weekend in London

Day 1 – Friday

The Plan:
Get up early, train to London, family history research, party at friends’ flat.

The Reality:
07:30 Alarm wakes me up.
09:30 Wake up again, annoyed with myself. Get up. Bad stomach, problems with PC and blogger, Can’t post the ‘hilarious’ Swedish piece on ‘Dancing Queen’. Rang bunged-up Mike to do it for me instead. (Thanks Mike.) Finished packing, bus into city in pouring rain.
14:15 Train from Moor Street. Two hours of feeling very damp after the downpour.
16:20 Arrive at London Marylebone. Rang Neil, said ‘can I come round now – I’m damp?’. Tube to Willesden. Met Neil in his local offie. Bought Stellas. Neil & Sam’s party isn’t happening at their flat, as their friend H is having a party, so we’re going there instead after eating. Neil tells me I will get on well with H, the host.
18:00 First can of Stella for me, Neil, and Rich (boyfriend of Neil’s sister). We’re warming up for the party here first. Phone J and agree I’ll get to his in Greenwich between 5-6pm tomorrow.
God only knows what time: N’s sister arrives from Stoke. Gives us a lift to H’s flat, 15 mins away. We’ve ‘forgotten’ to eat anything. Host H answers door. Oh god, he’s really sexy. Chig v amused by mosque-like line of shoes in hallway. H is making everyone take them off, to preserve the wooden flooring. Regret not having known this. Would have chosen socks without toe poking through one. V good atmosphere already at party. Interesting people. Chig tells many of them he has a hole in one sock. Host lovely, very sexy jeans and t-shirt, nice hair.
[Gap in recollection]
Much later: Host and I seem to have arranged to go upstairs later. Not sure exactly how this happened. Have we snogged by this point? Not sure. V pleased though.
Even later: Host H says ‘I’m leaving them to it – let’s go to bed’ and waits for me on stairs. Chig follows upstairs like Andrex puppy.


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