World of Chig   


Things Chig has learnt in the last 48 hours

There are only a handful of computers holding the internet together – and it nearly all came grinding to a halt earlier this week.

Government ministers can show humility, honesty and integrity. Who would have thought?

Ainslee sleeps naked.
Surely not a good idea (for him) when your bedroom is being filmed 24/7, but fine by me.
(Please make sure Katie leaves tonight – she needs to get out to save her sanity. I will now put the curse of Chig on David, by saying he should stay. Judging by my success with Andrew (Popstars) and Chris (Fame Academy last week, when he was booted out despite Katie being bloody awful) that'll mean David goes home. Poor wee laddie.)

The Christmas lights in Halifax were switched on LAST NIGHT! By Lisa Riley, no less. We haven’t even put the clocks back, or had Hallowee’en or Bonfire Night yet…

The smell of fish can kill you.

I could quite fancy Shania Twain. If I were that way inclined. She looked gorgeous on last night's programme.

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