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"Tears are always clouding your eyes, when you're without love"

#22 The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore - The Walker Brothers

[211] #1 for 4 weeks from 17 Mar 66

As the Eric Cantona billboard ads used to say, 1966 was a great year – and not just for English (and French) football; Chig was born. And Chris Evans. And the late Rob Pilatus of Milli Vanilli. Fascinating, I’m sure you’ll agree. And our voters just can’t keep away from the year. We’re back there now for the third time in a week, with an atmospheric, moody classic. It’s not our last visit to 1966 either, but you’ll have to wait a while…

Now then, being minus two months old when the Walker Brothers hit #1, I can’t pretend I have any particular memories of this track, not even through the walls of the womb. (Some of you voters may have sent me your memories of this one, but I confess I’ve left them at home – to be added later.) But what would be the point of me writing about Scott and his chums anyway, when there are biographies as good as this
and photos as good as these to look at? Go there instead (and you'll see that I pinched the drum joke - I never claimed to be original). All I need to tell you is that they weren’t really brothers, and they weren’t even called Walker. The cheeky pups. They had bouffant hair that even Dusty would have died for. They deposed Nancy Sinatra’s boots tune from the top, before being trumped by those forerunners of The Coral known as The Spencer Davis Group. They later retired from the music business, to start their own crisp factory in Leicester, and the rest is history.

This was the #1 number one of our favourite Canadian/Mancunian blogger, Elisabeth. It was also in the top fives of both Matthew C and Nigel R.

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