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Back in the day, there was a club in Brum which broke the mould for this city. That club was called S.L.A.G., standing for ‘straight, lesbian and gay’ and it did what it said on the tin flyer. Ace music, an ace venue; the Steering Wheel, and a fantastic, eclectic mix of clubbers of all sexualities. It was our own mini version of Flesh at the Hacienda, (although that has yet to be equalled in my eyes). S.L.A.G. was compulsory on Friday nights, sometimes with friends from work, sometimes even on my own, as I always knew people there, and I’d known the promoter for years, so I never paid and always jumped the queue. It was fab. It was also the first thing I ever wrote about for Gay Times, so it did me good. However, all good things must come to an end, and so the days of dancing to Josh Wink, the Bucketheads, Strike and a million other tracks I couldn’t possibly name came to an end. Until now. This may turn out to be ill-advised, but it’s back this Friday. Only it’s in a different venue – Subway City. I couldn’t possibly not go. I have no expectations that it will recreate the magic of old; it never could, but I’m hoping some of the same people will turn up. The people I only ever knew on the dancefloor. We’ll see.
And just to prove I used to go, S.L.A.G.’s website has some photos, including a scan of a page from Boyz from the early days. See that person in the left foreground, with his arm in the air. That’s me, that is!

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