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"One former Yugoslavian republic of Macedonia, there's only one former Yugoslavian republic of Macedonia..."

Such a shame the fans didn't sing their country's full, UN-approved name at the footie last night. The song could have gone on for hours. Interesting also that the BBC chose to risk a diplomatic incident with Greece and baffle Eurovision fans and United Nations politicians alike, by just referring to England's opponents as 'Macedonia'. I know you can't say the full name all the time - it would be ridiculous - but there was just one brief caption with 'FYR Macedonia' on it at the beginning and then no reference to it at all. Compare this with Eurovision, where every time they receive points (admittedly not very often, ever), we get the full name in English, plus "l'ex-république Yugoslav de Macedoine". It adds, oooh, minutes to the proceedings.
(Geopolitical note: 'Macedonia' is historically an area, spread across modern day Greece and the former Yugoslavia. Greece refuses to accept that the little bit of the former Yugoslavia should be able to call itself 'Macedonia', because, quite reasonably, many Greeks live in what they call Macedonia in Greece. The issue is only partially resolved at the UN, where the former Yugoslav delegates sit behind a nameplate which says 'FYR Macedonia'. There doesn't seem to be a way out of the impasse, unless FYR Macedonia chooses a different name entirely, and given that their Eurovision song this year was the most rampant piece of nationalism ever heard at the contest, this would seem unlikely.)

And who's the most unpopular fan at a Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia match? The one who starts chanting, "Give me an F.....give me an O......give me an R...."

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