World of Chig   


Now then, seeing as I’ve dug out this old 7" singles box A-C, is it time for a cultural re-evaluation of Band Aid II, the remake from 1989, after all these years?….. Let’s see. [Puts needle on record.] My god, it sounds tinny. What happened to that ‘shiver down the spine’ clanging bell and droning background noise? But, aaaaah, there’s Kylie, giving it some welly for an excellent start. Bleurgh! Chris Rea, what a horrid contrast! Is that Bros? Ah, the lisping bit – must be Big Fun. Now someone else? Then Cliff. Oh…er….er. Ooh! Kylie again! Kylie and someone else. Cliff again. Chorus…..Marti Pellow, Kylie again! Lisa Stansfield! The Pasadenas! Kylie again! You’d never guess this was a PWL production, would you? Bros? Cliff again! Oh, bored now. It’s still crap.

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