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London: A Warning

Chig is coming down for a weekend of fun and cultural (not to mention geographical) diversity. Current plans, so you know where to avoid:
Fri 01/11: Morning train down to Marylebone. Expect leaves on line to delay journey for several hours. Will be lucky to arrive by teatime. If train arrives at a reasonable hour, planning to do some photography/detective work related to my family history research. (In short, tracking down the birth addresses of my Gran in Chelsea and my great-grandmother in Walworth, if they still exist.) Possibly another visit to the Family Records Centre. (I haven't written about my family history research at all on here, have I? Must rectify that some day.)
Evening: Party at Neil & Sam's house in Willesden. Staying there overnight.

Sat 02/11: Lunch in Finsbury Park with Deb & Andy. Possibly viewing their new flat.
Evening out in the hotspots of Greenwich, where J lives. (J is lovely 'new' friend I met at Eurovision week in Tallinn.) Staying at J's new flat.

Sun 03/11: Lunchtime: Possibly doing something arty. Options include the Bodyworlds exhibition at 146 Brick Lane or the Turner Prize exhibition.
Late pm: Blogmeet at the RVT. Hopefully putting faces to a lot of names from cyberspace, while seeing the Dame Edna Experience at her London residence, instead of her Brum home (which I'm quite used to). It's been a few years since I did the RVT, so I can't wait.
Late: Stagger onto a train at Marylebone. Fall asleep on train and end up in Carlisle. Probably.

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