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#23 Always On My MindPet Shop Boys

[601] Writers: Mark James, Johnny Christopher & Wayne Thompson. Producers: Julian Mendelsohn & Pet Shop Boys.
12 Dec 87 – 11 weeks on chart – 4 weeks at #1 from 19 Dec 87

At last, an Elvis song! Ending T’Pau’s five week run as the 600th #1, the PSBs became the fairies at the top of 1987’s musical Christmas tree (except we weren’t supposed to have realised that at the time). They grabbed the Christmas #1 and became a staple of 1987’s Christmas parties (and my last Christmas at Uni too, in my sabbatical year). This is the one that was never meant to be a single, as it was only commissioned for a TV show of Elvis covers by contemporary artists.

‘Always On My Mind’ made #4 in the USA for the duo. They followed it in the UK with another #1, ‘Heart’; their only pair of consecutive chart-toppers in the four that they have had so far. But will we be seeing that later? Oh, of course not – everyone’s forgotten about that one. Even the Pet Shop Boys have forgotten about ‘Heart’. But what of their other one?

Triv: All four of the Pet Shop Boys’ #1s, had a different combination of producers.

So, how many other Elvis songs will there be? And will any of them be Elvis on his own?

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