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Blowing my own

Talking of work, I have intentionally not said anything about it since I started here three months ago. There's so much I'd LIKE to write, but it wouldn't be wise.
Last Friday however, my manager here (ie. not the agency) asked me if I wanted a new job in the forthcoming reorganised set-up, so obviously I said yes.
The slight downer is that instead of working in lovely, green, semi-suburban Shirley - it has pretensions to be Solihull, dontcha know! - the new job will be on an industrial estate in West Bromwich. Grim. But it's that or unemployment in three weeks as this site closes down, so what choice do I have? Yam, yams, here I come!

There has at least been a positive spin-off from this, although I'm not deluding myself. One of my colleagues said to me last week (before the new job offer), "You're obviously intelligent, what do you want to do [in the reshuffle]?". I'll take that as a compliment, although in my darker moments I interpret it as 'Why are you underselling yourself and doing a job you could do in your sleep for £6 an hour?" When I was offered the new job though, I was genuinely quite pleased. I've already been promoted over people who have been here for 18 months, to supervise them, and now this next step up, which will take me away from them and the resentment that's bound to follow. It's clear that my manager has been angling for me at the new site, and when someone from that site was over here, the phrase 'golden boy' was mentioned with regard to moi. And then, when I was talking to the agency (because I'm still asking them to find me permanent work, in case this doesn't work out), I was told to send an updated CV to someone I haven't met in the agency office, "She already knows you're one of our more capable temps.." Well excuse me while I go and massage my own ego a little more! I'm writing this on here now, so I can remind myself at Christmas, when I'm feeling poor and worthless in the grime of West Bromwich, that people have occasionally paid me compliments.

So it was decided that I would start in West Brom on Monday 11 November. This morning though, they asked me if I could start there NEXT Monday. Actually I have Monday booked off for my trip to London, so as I'm off Friday as well, it means that TOMORROW is my last day here. Farewell Shirley! How quickly things change.

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