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"You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar..."

And guess what? Kelly Clarkson, who thankfully beat Hair Bear himself from the Hair Bear Bunch in the American Idol final, really was! (You can rest assured that the song quoted above will be appearing in the 50 Number Ones countdown here, by the way...)
And talking of Popstars-type audition programmes....
QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND from Gingerprince as we watched Popstars - The Rivals on Saturday. After screwing up our faces in pain, watching the Dr. Dre lookey-likey do his Shaggy karaoke impression, Gingerprince commented, "Yeeeees, now try 'Too Many Broken Hearts' ''. I confess, I was close to blubbing when the blind lad was on though. Tear-jerking TV indeed.

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