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The Worst

Due to popular demand (well I’m sure Rob’s popular, and he demanded it in my comments box), here’s a little tease about the #1 singles which you have voted the WORST ever so far. There won’t be a chart of these, but I will do features on them during the countdown of your Top 50 favourites. If you’ve sent me your top ten and not included your worst #1, feel free to do it now; there’s still time.

You all have such varied reasons for hating stuff, so only one single has been named by more than one person so far. The chief crime of this record is well known – it prevented a classic record from reaching the top, depriving them of ever having a number one single, and some people have very long memories. It’s utter crap as well, which helps.

TWO singles which you have named as your worst ever have been named in someone else’s top ten favourites. One of these is from an Antipodean superstar - possibly not the one you’re thinking of - which scraped in at number ten on someone’s list. The other is a tune (and I choose my words carefully) which is actually in the current UK top 40. I happen to quite like the #1 concerned, but I grudgingly acknowledge it could be a bit annoying.

Other culprits include the largest non-adult group ever to make #1, an annoying TV presenter, an annoying Austrian, and the record which blew the cool image of one of the funkiest groups of the 70s.

One person has nominated the same artist for their worst and their best, citing their worst track as ‘a shocking waste of talent’. One person has gone on a rant about being force fed a certain ‘gay anthem’ in the clubs. Other nominees include a Christmas chart-topper from someone who’s had a few, the debut hit from the biggest singles chart success story of the late 90s, and the soundtrack to a nation’s grieving. Plus the bastardised theme to TV show.

That’s about it for now, but in the race for the top of your favourites list, I think one track has pulled into the lead today, after rising steadily through the ranks, and being equal top yesterday. It’s a track that I never, ever realised was so popular. I didn’t even think it was one of this act’s more popular songs. Conversely, there’s a track which consistently comes in the top five whenever polls are done to find the nation’s favourite songs, and it hasn’t featured on ANYBODY’S list yet. Not one single point. You never fail to surprise me! This is fun….

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