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Wherefore art thou? (At the Portland, actually)

So, David Beckham's secret is out at last! He's a closet Eurovision fan. What other reason could there be for naming the new baby Romeo? It can't be a tribute to Leonardo Di Caprio, surely? David does have a bit of a penchant for rap, but surely even he wouldn't name a child after one of the soloists from So Solid Crew? All footballers have a not-so-secret love of 70s soft rock, but Mr Big's finest moment is a step too far. The truth is, the Beckhams were absolutely gutted that Tricia Penrose only came second in this year's A Song For Europe, and therefore couldn't represent the UK at Eurovision in Tallinn. So they have named the baby after her song.

(And they chose a shorter name than Brooklyn, so that David will still have some space on his back for the names of the rest of the family five-a-side team, when they are born.)

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