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Tattooed Love Boys

It's tonight! Rest assured, Chig and Gingerprince will be there, at the Nightingale, with prying camera to hand. Especially now that the Mr Gay UK final is being compered by Craig Phillips; top totty Big Brother 1 winner. Sooner or later, I'm sure I will meet all the Big Brother contestants! He'll be the fourth, after Brian, Dean and Josh. Perhaps I'll take along my copy of At This Time Of Year for Craig to sign? I'm sure it's in very good condition, as I can't have touched it since the day I foolishly bought it. (Wonder what happened to that five album deal?) Expect a full report on the underwear fest over the weekend, with exclusive photos later. And if there's any justice, Mr Bristol will win, closely followed by Brum's Route 2 contestant and Mr Glasgow in third. But that won't happen, and I've a horrible feeling that home advantage could swing it for Mr Nightingale, who is, according to anyone who's met him, vain and dull. Not that I would repeat such spiteful gossip...

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