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Single of the week

Supergrass - 'Grace'
It was such a close run thing this week, between three top quality releases, so I had to wait until I'd played them a few times, but Supergrass is the one that's come out on top, by virtue of it having lodged itself in my head for the last few days. Goodness only knows what it's about, but it sounds like they're making a bid to depose S Club as the official Children In Need theme band, with their 'Save your money for the children' chorus. It also has an intro which sounds not unlike 'Alright', which can't do them any harm.
Both suede's 'Positivity' and David Bowie's 'Everyone Says Hi' could have been my top tune in any other week. I only bought the green CD of Bowie's three, and I'm wondering if I should have bought the other two, as the extra tracks are so bloomin' good, especially ' Baby Loves That Way'. I absolutely adore suede and this single is no exception, but Mike and I have written quite enough about it on Mike's blog to be going on with.
In a just world, all three of these would be heading for the top ten today, but it looks as if only Supergrass are going to come close, and even they were clinging to the number ten slot in yesterday's (Saturday's) chart. Instead, we have the baffling prospect of P!nk, and not Eminem, being the act to depose Atomic Kitten, which is okay in a way, but a crying shame for these three.

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