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Single Of The Week

Rather belatedly, due to 'PC access problems'. (I'm training someone new at work, who has a constant view of my screen. Don't employers realise I have a blog to write, and the home PC is buggered? It's so inconsiderate.)
It's Liberty X of course, and their rather fine and funky version of almost-forgotten Mantronix classic 'Got To Have Your Love'. Ah, those Hacienda days! Coming complete with a very sexy video, I thought this was a shoe-in for number one on Sunday, but they have a fight on their hands. Not from Ronan, whose last single, like Liberty X themselves, was number one, but from those incumbent kittens. Fewer than 1,000 sales between them in the midweek chart, according to popbitch. Ronan blew his chances by releasing a carbon copy of Lovin' Each Day. Please God, as the man is so fond of saying, we don't need to buy it again. Ask that nice New Radicals blokey to write you something new, bejaysus. Buy the Liberty X single now! The kittens have had their two weeks at the top. Also purchased this week (apart from both versions of Liberty X): only Kelly Osbourne, with her cover of the Jessica Garlick classic, Papa Don't Preach. What? Someone else did it first? But I saw Jessica in the flesh, performing it on Saturday at the Nightingale! (And I went backstage for a bit of a chat with her and her hunky boyf.) She also did 'Come Back' (of course) and a superb version of New Labour's election song; D:ream's 'Things Can Only Get Better'. Turns out that she's working with Pete Cunnah, who has previously worked his charms, very successfully, for a1. It bodes well for her album, if she can find a label to release it, because last week's popbitch goss was true; Sony have decided not to release her second single or album.

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