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The Blogging Standards Commission (BSC) has ruled that the blog posting shown below, posted on World Of Chig in the early hours of Saturday morning, was inaccurate, potentially libellous, and used unjustifiable, offensive language. The broadcaster (known as Mr Chig) has accepted that there were factual inaccuracies in the brief story. He accepts that haranguing someone in the Nightingale club about their Attitude interview, fuelled by vodka, Stella Artois and champagne, and then following them into a taxi with two interior designers 'off the telly', does NOT constitute 'copping off' in any way to a reasonable, sober person. Mr Chig has also admitted to the BSC that, in the cold light of day, asking if he could leave the aforementioned taxi with the aforementioned actor, in order to escort him back to his hotel room, may have caused embarrassment and distress to the man concerned. Mr Chig apologises unreservedly, and has assured the BSC that he will never blog again, immediately following the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Mr Chig has also agreed to a voluntary ban from the VIP areas of celebrity functions, as he blames the free champagne for his behaviour. The BSC has reservations about Mr Chig's ability to commit to such a ban, but in the meantime the (admittedly hypothetical) complaints of Messrs Ryan, McAllister and Warburton are upheld.

Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! It;'s 4.40am, I've just got in, and I'm pretty damn pissed! Firstly, I should trust my judgment more: Bristol Rob, my first choice, actually WON MR Gay UK, and he's absolutely lovely.

Secondly, how often is it that you get to travel home in a taxi with one of your favourite actors in the world, ever, having spoken to him at some detail earlier, only to be turned down at the last minute? I am so hot for him right now....more later.

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