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#48 Ashes To Ashes - David Bowie

[464] Writer: David Bowie. Producers: David Bowie & Tony Visconti
16 Aug 80 - 10 weeks on chart - 2 weeks at 1# from 23 Aug 80

So, who's back at the top in 1980? Why, it's Major Tom, ... And already I’m disappointed, as my personal #6 barely manages to squeeze into the Top 50.
David Bowie, despite being the major influence to so many people in the 70s, had scored only one number one by the decade's end, with the re-release of 1969 hit Space Oddity in 1975. So what does he do to get his second one, five years later? He carries on with the story, that’s what. So, looking backwards and forwards at the same time, the musical chameleon resurrects Major Tom, who’s been floating in a most puck-yoo-lear wayay since 1969, and dresses him up in new romantic garb. Grabbing Steve Strange and his cronies from the Blitz club to ponce around on the beach for the video, filming it in weird colours too, was a master stroke.

22 years later, Bowie teamed up once again with Tony Visconti for his well-received Heathen album in 2002, featuring the fantastic ‘Everyone Says Hi’, but it sounds a million miles away from Ashes To Ashes. The man in the clown costume may be back later in the countdown – but will he be alone? And will that Vanilla Ice bloke be rapping all over it? Er, no to the last question.

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