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Not so respectful...

So anyway, the company decides we'll be taking part in the minute's silence today, and sends round an e-mail yesterday to that effect. At 13.30, someone in the office puts on Radio2, so we'll know exactly when it's happening. 13.46 duly comes around; we keep quiet, which includes me cutting off phone calls as they ring into the office. Thirty seconds in, and the security office makes an announcement via the tannoy, that we will be observing the minute's silence. An unneccessarily LONG announcement, embarrassingly late. Which he then repeats. By the time he has finished, the minute's silence on the radio (and across the country) is over. What a cock-up.

Earlier, a colleague started work mid-morning. As the radio news was about to start, someone mentioned the date, and he asked the whole office, "Anything blown up yet?". Oh come on, we were all thinking it...

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