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No, no, no!

You wait sixteen years for a local derby and it ends up in humiliation. Including the most embarrassingly conceded goal in the history of football.
Today is the day the oppressed Blues minority exact their revenge on us, the majority Villa fans in the office, after sixteen years of not playing each other in the top division. And it's started already, at 7am. I was away from Birmingham last night, intending to avoid hearing the result until I watched the late highlights, but as I arrived home at 21.30 and stepped out of my car, a shudder went through me. I could HEAR St. Andrew's singing! I don't even live that near the ground, and in five years of living where I do, I've never heard them before. I knew that this was bloody loud, and my heart sank, realising we must have lost. Little did I suspect how badly we had lost, until I saw the TV news. First the goals were on the national news, and then it's time for Midlands Today. "Blues fans won't mind that we're going to show the goals from tonight's game again. Villa fans may like to look away now." I would have laughed if I wasn't crying. And now we're below West Brom AND Blues. It's all going horribly wrong!

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