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#46= Concrete And Clay – Unit Four Plus Two

[191] Writers: Brian Parker & Tommy Moeller. Producer: John L. Barker.
25 Feb 65 – 15 weeks – #1 for 1 week; 08 Apr 65

This was the second hit, and only top ten appearance, from a UK group with a singer called Peter Moules (French for mussels). Actually, I’ll come clean. That’s who one book (GboHS) says the lead singer was, but another (Guinness Book of 500 Number One Hits) says it was Tommy Moeller; one of the co-writers. Who knows which is right? Maybe they both sang lead on different songs. Anyway, Concrete And Clay appears in this countdown due solely to points from our over 50s voters, but this is in my top 20 too. It’s one of those songs that everybody knows when they hear it, but I bet a few points have been lost in pub quizzes over the years by people not knowing the group’s name. They were originally called Unit Four, which was the name Alan Freeman gave to the top ten on his Pick Of The Pops radio show, but then they recruited two more members, so they changed the name. There’s a good biography of the group here and a shorter one here . They only had four hits, and within a year of being at #1 were never in the charts again.

The song was a biggish hit (#11) again in 1976 for Randy Edelman, which was never off the radio during that Summer of the heatwave, drought and hosepipe ban, I seem to recall. It was also covered more recently by Kevin Rowland, but failed to chart, probably because the scary man was wearing women’s lingerie on the cover. We’ll be seeing him in more reasonable attire later in the countdown, but will it be once, or twice?

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