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The Key, The Secret

Anyway, I don't know why I'm feeling so smug today - I did something very stupid this morning. I locked myself out of the house. I think I've done pretty well not to have done it before now, in the five years, one month and one week I've lived in my own house, but at 06.30 (which probably explains it, as I was not fully awake), I grabbed my keys from beside the door, stepped outside, slammed the door shut, and instantly realised that the keys in my hand were lighter than usual. It's all because I went out to Gregster's video-on-new-huge-TV evening (Dogma - really enjoyed it) on Saturday, and I didn't need my car keys, so I separated them from the house keys. I didn't step outside the front door yesterday (not as tragic as it seems; I spent a lot of time in the back garden), so when I picked up the bunch of keys this morning, the house keys weren't attached.

However, we have a back-up plan. Both Crystaltipps and Gingerprince, being local, have spare sets of my house keys. I am currently awaiting a reply from either of them, to see which of them will be home first and able to locate the spares, so they can spare me from an evening of sitting on my wall looking forlorn. Thank goodness for the back-up plan!

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