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It's Now Or Never

Today is the last day for sending in your top ten number ones, so please do. (See 04.09.02.)
There's been a flurry of e-mails since Friday, and particularly yesterday, but the master computer is up-to-date, and the single in pole position now has a smaller lead than it had last week. There's an almighty scrap for the next few places though, including two singles tied in third place. One of these singles didn't have any points at all from the first fifteen voters, but has picked up points dramatically from the last few people.
There are currently 55 singles in the 'top 50' due to tied places, and a huge 157 singles nomionated so far (ie. with at least one point).
And still two of the most prolific number one acts of the last few years have failed to score a single point (but I can't say I'm that surprised).
I'm also pleased to reveal that the top 12 now includes singles from four different decades, but only just...
I think that every year since 1964 has a song with at least a point, plus some of the years before that too, but there are gaps.
Thanks very much to everyone who's participated so far - I really appreciate it. Keep 'em coming!
The countdown starts on Thursday.

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