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It’s just possible that some of you visiting today are here for the first time, so I’d like to say a big ‘welcome’ to the World Of Chig. I sent out an e-mail to multitudes of people in my address book last night, inviting participation in the 50 Number Ones Project (see 04.09.02). It seems to be working, as I’ve had a few replies (and top tens) already, by 11am. If you haven’t been here before, or visited a blogspot before (and I’m now feeling like the Harvester woman), feel free to have a look around. There’s nothing of any importance, so feel free to touch the exhibits. Entries are in reverse chronological order as you read down the page. The highlighted bits of text are links which you can click onto, and there’s a comments box for you to add anything you like at the end of each piece. Please do – it makes me happier than you could possibly imagine. Have fun!

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