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Freaky Food

Well knock me down with a stick of rhubarb! I've just been out at lunchtime and seen something extraordinary that I've never seen before! There's a farmers' market down the road in the local park and high street. I bought some cheap free range eggs and a gorgeous-looking olive and herb loaf. And then I walked past one of the vegetable stalls and saw these! I've never seen one of these before (but I might have known it would have its own website!) I said this to the stallholder, and she said, "you and everybody else who sees them here". They look totally surreal. She said people think they've sprayed or painted them. Apparently, they taste just the same as the white ones if you close your eyes, and they're very good if you're having trouble getting children to eat their veg. She also said they look good in a designer kitchen, which prospective purchasers of designer kitchens may like to bear in mind.
The stall also had some of these; called Romanesco. They look like a vegetable that's bolted (can you tell we had an allotment when I was little?) They also look like nature's 3D versions of those fractal designs, but then I suppose fractals are 'natural' mathematical, er... things anyway.
I'll stop now before I display any further vegetable (or mathematical) ignorance.

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