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Can you tell what it is yet?

The 50 Number Ones Project
It had to happen. One of today's entries has seen the first time where there is an overlap between someone's top ten number ones and someone else's WORST ever number one. Of course, I couldn't possibly reveal what it is yet, but I may have left a revealing clue... All will be revealed in the top 50 countdown, starting next week.

Thanks to everyone who has entered so far. There's still over a week to submit your top ten, so please do. (See the 'We Want You ' entry below for full details.)

It's worth mentioning that the first ELEVEN top tens received all had DIFFERENT singles at the top of their list. Consequently there is no runaway leader as yet, and your votes could have a real influence on the scores. Currently, there are just TWO points separating the top FOUR songs.

Other triv: the entire top ten when I last checked the master computer's calculations (not including today's entries) consisted of number ones from just TWO different decades. In fact, the other four decades are not represented in the top twelve.
Only one single has appeared on as many as FOUR people's lists, but that song has received a smattering of low votes, so it's not challenging for the top, as yet.

There are currently 52 songs in the top 50 (if you see what I mean, due to tied places.) As of today, it will only take six points to get a song onto that list, so send in your entry today!

86 different songs have appeared in the top tens so far, from the 12 lists fed into the master computer. At least two more top tens to add tonight. Further teasing revelations in the next few days. Keep 'em coming!

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