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Blame it on the weatherman

I was very surprised, at 6.15 this morning, to hear Radio 5 Live's weather presenter declaring that 'we have now officially moved into Autumn'. But surely that's wrong, I thought; it's the 2nd of September today, not the 21st. The seasons always started around the 21st (of March, June, September and December) when I were a lad. Has Microsoft turned its attention away from redefining the world's spellings in spellchecker and set about redefining the seasons instead? But no, relax. Even Bill Gates hasn't been able to move the moon, as I suspected. I've checked. And I'm right. In fact, the start of Autumn isn't until 23rd September (See Q3.) That's alright then. Now what's the e-mail address for the Radio 5 weatherman?

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