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The 50 Number Ones Project - Stat Attack!

Including yesterday’s top tens, 99 singles had received at least a point in your votes for The 50 Number Ones Project. Those 99 singles actually account for 101 of the 935 Number Ones ever (so that's given away two of the contenders to those of you who follow these things!) If Eminem is Number One on Sunday, you will be able to include him in your list, but frankly, I’d be very surprised if ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ featured in your top ten #1s of all time. There are still six days for you to compile your list, so please, please send it to me (via the Contact Me e-mail link on the left).

Just to whet your appetite, here are some scientific statistics churned out by the master computer, from the songs you’ve nominated so far. Remember, this doesn’t indicate what will be in the Top 50 countdown when it starts next Thursday – this is every song that’s appeared in someone’s top ten so far.

1950s = 2%
1960s = 14%
1970s = 24%
1980s = 31%
1990s = 23%
Noughties = 7%
(Total = 101% due to rounding.)

Where do respondents live? UK = 86%, Australia = 7%, unknown = 7%.

Gender of respondents: Female = 14%, Male = 86%

Make of all that what you will, but if you are a woman who doesn’t live in the UK, then you’re particularly welcome to enter. But everyone else is too!

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