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The 50 Number Ones Project

A public service announcement: the countdown WILL start today, as promised, but it will be this evening after I get home from work. Wouldn't want you to waste the whole day checking back every few minutes to find out what number fifty is! Aren't I good to you?
Needless to say, after receiving a steady trickle of top tens at a rate of one per day for the last two weeks, there was a last-minute flurry of activity, with about 8 received in the last 48 hours. The master computer would normally have been able to cope with this, but some of them were, let's just say,'unclear'; attachments missing, top tens upside-down without explanation, ten songs with no positions attached, or had included - gasp! - a track that was never number one. All these had to be followed up. All but two are now input - more info later. The exciting thing about this is that I have no more idea what number 50 will be than you do at the moment! Oh, the tension....!

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